I've been designing digital products for over 10 years.

Advocating for users, understanding their needs and goals, working with people to explore ideas, and prioritising delightful solutions that they love and have a measurable impact.

What I've worked on

A few awesome places where I get to do what I love.


Staff Product Designer (current role)

Joining the experience team in 2019, I focus on Deliveroos consumer-facing apps and websites. Making sure that people who come to our app for a treat, lunch, or covid essentials can do so as easily as possible.

I do this by working with research and product to focus on the right problems, workshopping to share knowledge and find solutions - then design the best experience.


Senior UX Designer (2012 - 2019)

I moved to Amsterdam in 2012 to work with a team of 20 awesome designers, over the following 7 years I helped that team grow to over 200 people and solved problems for millions of people.

Booking.com is really where I cut my teeth at creating a data-informed design process, balancing qualitative and quantitative insight to find the right solutions for the right problems to drive impact.


UX Designer (2011-2012)

Schuh was my first time working in-house as a designer (previously I'd been freelance and working in a studio) and I got to work on a wide array of products and really see the impact that design can have on a business first hand.

I had the chance to work on a large customer base, mainly from the UK but later experimenting with designing for international audiences, and working across all platforms from responsive websites to apps.

Want to work together?

Whether you have a small idea or you’re my dream job - let’s chat!

The projects you see here are surface level but hopefully give you a good idea of what I’m good at, and the type of work I enjoy.

LinkedIn is probably the best place to message me about roles and if it sounds like a good fit I’d love to jump on a call with you and walk you through some case studies.

or hello@grxnt.com