Hi, I’m Grant! A Product Designer currently based in London.

I’ve been designing and building digital products for over 10 years, focusing mainly on solving problems and scaling international ecommerce platforms like Schuh, Booking.com, and currently Deliveroo.

I'm also 1/3rd of a podcast and starting a golf brand.

What I've worked on

A few awesome places where I get to do what I love.


Staff Product Designer (current role)

Joining the experience team in 2019, I focus on Deliveroos consumer-facing apps and websites. Making sure that people who come to our app for a treat, lunch, or covid essentials can do so as easily as possible.

I do this by working with research and product to focus on the right problems, workshopping to share knowledge and find solutions - then design the best experience.


Senior UX Designer (2012 - 2019)

I moved to Amsterdam in 2012 to work with a team of 20 awesome designers, over the following 7 years I helped that team grow to over 200 people and solved problems for millions of people.

Booking.com is really where I cut my teeth at creating a data-informed design process, balancing qualitative and quantitative insight to find the right solutions for the right problems to drive impact.

What I can help you with

Let's chat if these sound like a match

You need product design support

Whether you don't know what problems to solve, want to scale and localise your product, or don't even have a product fully fleshed out yet - I can work with you and the team to make sure we design high-quality experiences that people love.

You want to develop strategy

Design and the experience your customers have interacting with your product or company can be a real competitive advantage. I can help you take a strategic approach to design and get everyone moving towards one common goal.

Your team is growing

As your product scales so will your experience team, from making sure we have the right people for the job to working with the team to mature processes and fill in skill gaps - I love working with smart people and learning from each other.

What I've been writing about

A mix of a thoughts, a journal, and cool things on the internet

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